Mama's Postpartum Love Box

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Mama's Postpartum Love Box


This is Mama’s Postpartum Love Box! A box packed with our favorite self-care products that are designed to help a Mama after birthing her beautiful baby. Taking care of a baby is both wonderful and challenging. We want to help Mamas feel rejuvenated and better in their skin.

Mama’s Love Box is beautifully packaged, ready for you or to be given to a new Mama. It includes seven of our favorite products that we found to be essential after giving birth: Mama’s Postpartum Spray, Lotion Bar, Mama’s Herb-Infused Bath Oil, Lip Balm, Mama’s Nipple Cream, Eye Serum, and Mama’s Everything Balm.

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Mama’s Postpartum Spray (1 fl. oz) is a delightful blend of essential oils, witch hazel, and aloe vera that is ideal for soothing stretched and irritated skin. To use, spray as often as desired in the perineal area. Please refrigerate for preservation and for a nice cooling effect.

Ingredients: witch hazel extract (containing 14% alcohol), filtered water, *aloe vera juice, frankincense essential oil, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil, vitamin e oil. *organic ingredient

Our orange Lotion Bar (nt. wt. 2 oz) is a solid rectangular bar packaged in a small tin. To use, rub this intensely hydrating lotion bar wherever needs some extra moisture. The heat of your skin will melt the perfect amount. Alternatively, scrape off desired amount and rub between your fingers to melt. Apply where desired.

Please note: Although we have diluted the orange essential oil to <0.5%, an amount generally considered safe, please be aware that orange is considered a photosensitive oil and you may want to avoid applying to exposed skin before going out in the sun.

Ingredients: *grass-fed beef tallow, *shea butter, beeswax, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel essential oil

Mama’s Herb-Infused Bath Oil (4 fl. oz.) is infused with calendula and lavender flowers and witch hazel extract, the perfect combination for a soothing and moisturizing after-baby bath. To use, add 1-2 tablespoons to a bathtub full of warm water. Once in the bath, use a sponge to massage the oil into your skin. Please be careful as oil can make a bathtub slippery. These ingredients are gentle enough for your baby too.

Ingredients: *extra virgin olive oil, *witch hazel extract, *lavender flowers, *calendula flowers

Mama’s Everything Balm (nt. wt. 2 oz) comes in a small tin. This balm calms and lightly moisturizes the skin while creating a light barrier. To use, apply as needed to dry and irritated skin. We LOVE using this balm on ourselves (please say I’m not the only one whose skin got irritated using pads postpartum) and on our babies (to calm those nasty neck folds and to create a light barrier on their bums). The uses are limitless.

Ingredients: *coconut oil, beeswax, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil

Our peppermint Lip Balm (nt. wt. 0.13 oz) is made with our secret deeply moisturizing ingredient – beef tallow! We know you will love it.

Ingredients: *grass-fed beef tallow, *coconut oil, beeswax, *shea butter, mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil

Mama’s Nipple Cream (nt. wt. 0.5 oz) is made with you in mind. We know that even with the perfect latch, breastfeeding can make nipples sore. This nipple cream helps to moisturize and soothe. Plus, we carefully selected ingredients that are safe for your baby to consume. To use, apply to your nipples after breastfeeding.

Ingredients: *cocoa butter, *extra virgin olive oil, *marshmallow root, *calendula flowers

Mama’s Bright Eye Serum (2 fl. oz.) helps brighten tired eyes. Almond oil infused with caffeine from coffee helps to hide the effects of those nursing all nighters. And did we mention that it smells so so good! To use, apply as needed under your eyes and gently massage with your ring finger. You’ll start to notice the effects in about 10-15 minutes.

Ingredients: avocado oil, sweet almond oil, *arabica coffee beans


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