Serena's Home Birth Story

Aubree Jade was born on April 13, 2017 at 2:38 PM. She was 6.5 lbs and 19.5 inches long. She is beautiful and perfect. She was born at home.

Watch Serena's home birth story below. Her husband, Brenden, created this special documentary for school. It features honest opinions about home birth from her family, interviews with her midwife, and of course Aubree's birth.

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2-Ingredient Dry Shampoo

Healthy Living on a Budget Tip #10

Make your own dry shampoo. Washing hair takes wayyy too much time. After you wash it you have to dry it, and then style it. Who has time for that every day? And then there’s also the fact that washing your hair too frequently can strip your hair of healthy protective oils. And store-bought dry shampoos contain all those chemicals that we work so hard to avoid. Good thing it’s incredibly easy to make your own!

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Homemade Toothpaste

Healthy Living on a Budget Tip #9

Make your own toothpaste. It can help remineralize your teeth and decrease sensitivity, it can whiten your teeth, and it can help balance pH to create a healthy mouth. And like always, making your own toothpaste allows you to control exactly what goes in it.

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My 8 Favorite Ingredients for Homemade Products


Healthy Living on a Budget Tip #8

Buy ingredients, not ready-made products… then make your own personal care products of course! Many homemade personal care products contain the same handful of ingredients. Making these products yourself is cheaper and allows you to control exactly what goes in them. 

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Essential Oil & Aloe Juice Toner

Healthy Living on a Budget Tip #6

Make your own facial toner. It’s important to use healthy and natural ingredients in your skin care products. What you put on your skin matters (we just can’t say it enough)! Try a natural facial toner that contains only a few ingredients to brighten and balance your skin.

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