Young Living Essential Oil Sunblock

We love taking care of our skin. Here is another one of our favorite sunblock recipes. This one features essential oils that not only protect your skin, but nourish it as well.

Young Living Essential Oil Sunblock


50 drops carrot seed oil

40 drops Myrrh oil

Peppermint (however many drops you want)

Wheat germ oil or fractionated coconut oil


Find your desired container. We love these glass spray bottles. Add 50 drops carrot seed oil, 40 drops Myrrh oil, and the desired amount of peppermint (for scent). Lightly mix these. Then fill the rest of the container with wheat germ oil or fractionated coconut oil. Lightly mix again and then it's ready to use.


It has a slightly orange color, so make sure your rub it in well before you put clothes on and be careful with whites. Also note that there's also a big upfront cost to make this sunblock. But after you have the ingredients, it's much more affordable.



P.S. Don't have the ingredients? Check out our other sunblock recipe that only has two-zinc oxide and coconut oil.


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