Emily's Garden

Gardening on a Budget Tip #1

Go local! At local nurseries, you can often find organically raised plants that aren't necessarily certified organic... that certification is expensive!

I am a total newbie at gardening, but I'm hooked. What you will see here is the tail end of my winter garden. It's a little bit warm here already, but I'm trying to squeeze out another round of winter plants since I didn't plant nearly enough. It's not working though...You live and learn. So in the video you will see my existing garden and a few more plants that I add. Right now my gardening skill consists of simply putting a plant in soil... I know I am making a ton of mistakes, but I promise I will get better. Feel free to share any gardening secrets or tips that you've learned :)

Let's learn together!


P.S. If you've never done a winter garden... do it!!! It was so easy and wonderful, and lettuce and cabbage are the two vegetables that I eat most frequently. Next year I plan on at least tripling what I plant. 

Music: http://www.bensound.com