2-Ingredient Dry Shampoo

Healthy Living on a Budget Tip #10

Make your own dry shampoo. Washing hair takes wayyy too much time. After you wash it you have to dry it, and then style it. Who has time for that every day? And then there’s also the fact that washing your hair too frequently can strip your hair of healthy protective oils. And store-bought dry shampoos contain all those chemicals that we work so hard to avoid. Good thing it’s incredibly easy to make your own!

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Homemade Toothpaste

Healthy Living on a Budget Tip #9

Make your own toothpaste. It can help remineralize your teeth and decrease sensitivity, it can whiten your teeth, and it can help balance pH to create a healthy mouth. And like always, making your own toothpaste allows you to control exactly what goes in it.

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We Closed Our Credit Cards!

Budgeting Tip #1

Get rid of those credit cards! You aren't beating the system by paying your balance in full at the end of the month. That small percentage back isn't helping you save money. All the credit card does is make it easier to spend money and spend more of it. I'm serious! Think about it. Christmas is expensive, isn't it? But eh, it doesn't really hurt when you don't have to pay the bill until late January or February. Where did all the money go anyways.

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Co-op Days are My Favorite Days

Healthy Eating on a Budget Tip #5

Join a local produce co-op. A co-op, or cooperative, is a group of people who get together and pool their money to make a large purchase of fresh, local, and organic produce. The produce is then divided evenly amongst the participants for a fraction of what it would cost at a supermarket.

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Monday Night Workout #1 - Full Body Circuit

Fitness on a Budget Tip #2

Buy used equipment. Nearly all the equipment I have was bought used. The weight plates and barbells - those are from the local recycling center. The dumbbells - a great yard sale find. Be patient and make use of what you have until you find a great deal on additional equipment.

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Workout: Dynamic Effort Lower - Week 1 of 4

Fitness on a Budget Tip #1

Use what you have! Look around your backyard (or house). I'm sure you have rocks or tree stumps or blocks that you can use in place of a box. You might have an old tire that you can turn into a sled. Or what about a sand bag that you could throw, carry, or just use as a weight? Be creative! It's more fun that way :)

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