DIY Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract contains only 2 ingredients--vanilla beans and vodka. It's super simple to make and tastes delicious. Pour it in a cute bottle and it makes a great gift!


Organic vodka (This Square One Organic Vodka is from BevMo. Regardless of the brand, I definitely recommend choosing an organic vodka.

Vanilla beans (I don't use organic vanilla beans. From what I've researched, vanilla beans from other countries are not sprayed. Since we are on a tight budget right now, I don't feel as if organic beans are worth the extra money at this point.)

Amber glass bottle


You need approximately 3 vanilla beans per 8 oz of vodka. Pour the vodka into your bottle of choice and add the desired number of vanilla beans. Let it sit for at least 6 weeks. The flavor gets stronger the longer it sits. Use just as you would store-bought vanilla. 

What are you going to make with your homemade vanilla?

Yummmm, enjoy!




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