Emily's Birthing Center Consultation

Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl? What are you going to do for work? How are you feeling? Are you guys excited? What hospital will you deliver at? Do you have a bump yet? Have you been sick?

Whew, I quickly learned that the moment you announce your pregnancy the questions start pouring in and don't stop. I've had a ton of fun chatting with people about my pregnancy and their own experiences. But I also learned how few answers I had. And how many questions I had. I was completely clueless about pregnancy and birth.

I put off researching for a few weeks. I felt like I had forever until I had to figure things out and I knew I had experienced sister-in-laws who would be able to answer many of my questions. But time was passing quickly and my mom stayed on me about scheduling my first doctor or midwife appointment. So I had to figure out where I wanted to give birth. I've heard great things about hospitals and I've heard that you can have a pretty natural hospital birth. But I wasn't sure... I've also heard good things about home births and Serena was planning her own home birth (watch her birth story here)... so that was tempting. But my husband wasn't as into that idea as I was... so then the idea of a birthing center was brought up. I thought I would check one out and see how I felt (spoiler: we loved it).