Monday Night Workout #1 - Full Body Circuit

Fitness on a Budget Tip #2

Buy used equipment. Nearly all the equipment I have was bought used. The weight plates and barbells - those are from the local recycling center. The dumbbells - a great yard sale find. Be patient and make use of what you have until you find a great deal on additional equipment.

Every Monday night we host a group workout. The workout is always some sort of full body circuit. It changes based on the number of people who come and what we are in the mood for that day. For me, Emily, this is an easy recovery day. The workout you see here is an upper and lower push/pull type circuit and then we added abs at the end just for fun.

Happy lifting :)


Full Body Push/Pull Circuit (8-12 each, 4 sets)
1. Goblet Squat
2. DB Military Press
3. Romanian Deadlift
4. BB Rows

Abs (2-3 sets)
1. Standing BB Twist (8 each side)
2. Planks (full body squeeze, whew)


0:27 Serena's daughter practicing her squats

2:20 My friend's daughter helping us with the standing BB twists

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